Rewind Channels

TV schedules for over-the-air nostalgia networks

A quick introduction

This chart of TV schedules was first compiled in July 2017 with about a half dozen channels. I created it because I wanted a shortcut to see what the local sub-channels were airing and to see what those unavailable to me were airing — something still difficult, if not impossible, to do.

For several months, the chart was linked to directly on the subreddit r/ClassicTV, and I’d occasionally share it on other various sites. The schedules for the major retro networks were updated whenever a new schedule rolled out, while the lesser players were generally updated on a quarterly basis (or really, whenever I felt like taking the time to check in on them). The number of networks listed has greatly expanded.

I’ve long wanted to do a website for the schedules, and here is the first version; a mostly bare-bones site that has the schedules, some channel info but no functionality. That will hopefully change in the months ahead.

For now, the compilation is kept to over-the-air networks, though some cable networks like INSP, TV Land, and Nick-at-Nite, among others, are on the shortlist for addition at a later time. Classic shows on streaming services is also on the list of tentative additions.