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Decades’ Weekend Binge: Fall 2019

Twin Peaks title card

The following programs are scheduled for Decades network’s Weekend Binges in the fall of 2019 (October through December). The list will be updated (and perhaps altered) as new ones are added to the schedule.

Oct. 5-6: Movin’ On

 Movin' On
(1974) on IMDb

Oct 12-13: Thriller

(1960) on IMDb

Oct 19-20: Twin Peaks

 Twin Peaks
(1990) on IMDb
 Circle of Fear
(1972) on IMDb

Nov 2-3: Carl Reiner celebration

 Adventures of Superman
(1952) on IMDb

Nov 16-17: Batman

(1966) on IMDb
 The Greatest American Hero
(1981) on IMDb  The Green Hornet
(1966) on IMDb
 The Powers of Matthew Star
(1982) on IMDb  Wonder Woman
(1975) on IMDb
 The Facts of Life
(1979) on IMDb

Dec 14-15: Diff’rent Strokes

 Diff'rent Strokes
(1978) on IMDb

Dec 21-22: Charlie’s Angels

 Charlie's Angels
(1976) on IMDb
 Father Dowling Mysteries
(1989) on IMDb

Decades’ Weekend Binges, Sep. 2019

Decades spends a weekend honoring a comedy legend and then goes off to the West.

Aug. 31-Sep. 1: Peter Gunn

Sep. 7-8: Bob / The Bob Newhart Show

Decades plays a triple-header of Bob Newhart, who turns 90 earlier in the week. On Saturday, the not-long-lived 1990s sitcom Bob airs during the day and switches to the final season of The Bob Newhart Show in the evening. On Sunday, it’s the final season of Newhart, ending with the legendary finale. In the evening, it switches back to Bob. (Sorry, no The [other] Bob Newhart Show or George & Leo.)

Bob title sequence


Decades’ Weekend Binges: July 2019

Here is what is in store for those long weekend binges during the month of July.

July 6-7: Remington Steele

Title sequence to season five of Remington Steele… earlier sequences won’t embed

July 13-14: The Love Boat

A binge that is exciting and new… and one of the older shows with all its cast still alive.

Title sequence to The Love Boat

July 20-21: Matt Houston

Title sequence to Matt Houston

July 27-28: The Fall Guy

I really love the title theme and sequence.

Title sequence to The Fall Guy

Decades’ Weekend Binges: May 2019

May is another month of full of detective drama binges on Decades.

May 4-5: The Streets of San Francisco

This binge starts at the beginning and runs through S2E16, so I expect this one return for another binge this summer.

Title sequence to season one of The Streets of San Francisco

May 11-12: The Untouchables

Like The Streets of San Francisco, this binge of The Untouchables starts at the beginning and will run through S2E18. However, it does skip two two-part episodes — “The Unhired Assassin” from season one and “The Big Train” from season two.

Title sequence and clips from The Untouchables

May 18-19: Vega$ The Mod Squad

In honor of Peggy Lipton, Decades scratches the planned Vega$ binge for ’60 drama The Mod Squad. These episodes aren’t any block of episodes in chronological order. Rather, they appear to be episodes that best highlight Lipton, who played flower child Julie Barnes in the crime drama.

May 25-26: The Doris Day Show

The binge covers a majority of the series, starting at the beginning and ending a few episodes into the fourth season.

Decades’ Weekend Binges: April 2019

Here are programs that will air as part of Decades’ weekend binge block in April.

April 6-7: Mannix

Mannix returns for yet another binge. This one starts with S4E6, “The Lost Art of Dying,” and runs through the rest of season four and then five, though it skips one episode season four episode (“Sunburst”).


Decades’ Weekend Binges: March 2019

Here are programs that will air as part of Decades’ weekend binge block in March.

March 2-3: Police Woman

Select episodes from seasons two, three, and four of the Angie Dickinson police drama, concluding with the final episode.

Police Woman season two title sequence

March 9-10: Cannon

The binge begins in the latter part of season two and includes nearly all episodes through early season four before really skipping through the remaining episodes.


Decades’ Weekend Binges: February 2019

Here are programs that will air during Decades’ weekend binge block. It includes one weekend where there will be two programs.

Feb. 2-3: The Mod Squad

The Mod Squad title sequence

Feb. 9: The Royal Family / Feb. 10: The Facts of Life

The Royal Family title sequence

Feb. 16-17: Diff’rent Strokes

Diff’rent Strokes season 3 title sequence

Feb. 23-24: The Jeffersons (updated)

The Jeffersons

A quick introduction

This chart of TV schedules was first compiled in July 2017 with about a half dozen channels. I created it because I wanted a shortcut to see what the local sub-channels were airing and to see what those unavailable to me were airing — something still difficult, if not impossible, to do.

For several months, the chart was linked to directly on the subreddit r/ClassicTV, and I’d occasionally share it on other various sites. The schedules for the major retro networks were updated whenever a new schedule rolled out, while the lesser players were generally updated on a quarterly basis (or really, whenever I felt like taking the time to check in on them). The number of networks listed has greatly expanded.

I’ve long wanted to do a website for the schedules, and here is the first version; a mostly bare-bones site that has the schedules, some channel info but no functionality. That will hopefully change in the months ahead.

For now, the compilation is kept to over-the-air networks, though some cable networks like INSP, TV Land, and Nick-at-Nite, among others, are on the shortlist for addition at a later time. Classic shows on streaming services is also on the list of tentative additions.