Decades spends a weekend honoring a comedy legend and then goes off to the West.

Aug. 31-Sep. 1: Peter Gunn

Sep. 7-8: Bob / The Bob Newhart Show

Decades plays a triple-header of Bob Newhart, who turns 90 earlier in the week. On Saturday, the not-long-lived 1990s sitcom Bob airs during the day and switches to the final season of The Bob Newhart Show in the evening. On Sunday, it’s the final season of Newhart, ending with the legendary finale. In the evening, it switches back to Bob. (Sorry, no The [other] Bob Newhart Show or George & Leo.)

Bob title sequence

The Bob Newhart Show title sequence
Later Newhart title sequence

Sep. 14-15: The Big Valley

The Barbara Stanwyck-led Western about the Barkley family in California’s San Joaquin Valley gets binge treatment.

The Big Valley title sequence

Sep. 21-22: TBA

Sep. 28-29: TBA