Barnaby Jones

Sorry for this long delay. There have definitely been changes since my last update in June. So, let’s not waste time and get to the rundown.

Antenna TV

Back in July, the biggest change was Soap being bumped to weekends only. The weekend schedule in the early afternoon had some juggling, but nothing was removed or added to the network’s slate. What’s Happening!! and its follow-up series are both on weekends while Family Ties is now weekdays-only.


Goodbye: Half & Half

Living Single only occasionally airs after The Bernie Mac Show in the afternoons, so it is off the regular schedule. On Fridays, it’s an additional Law & Order instead of Bernie. In the evening, Moesha was replaced by an additional hour of The Game.

The Sunday and Saturday morning lineups include most Bounce retro sitcoms, except Half & Half, which appears to be no more.


Goodbye: I’ve Got a Secret

I find it difficult keeping track of this network, but around the time that ABC began its summer game shows, Buzzr moved Press Your Luck into primetime to be next to Card Sharks and Match Game.


Hello: Walker, Texas Ranger

In July, the network added Walker, Texas Ranger to weekdays and CHiPs and La Femme Nikita changed scheduling so the entire evening was these three shows.

Walker, Texas Ranger title sequence

Cozi TV

Goodbye: Quincy, M.E.

In old scheduling news, the afternoon duo of Quincy, M.E. and Hart to Hart were replaced by additional episodes of Adam-12 and Emergency! Hart to Hart still airs on weekends, but Quincy is now gone.


Hello: Ferris Bueller, Honey West, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The Millionaire, When Things Were Rotten
Goodbye: The Joan Rivers Show

After a couple months, Twin Peaks was cycled out of the Fantastic TV block for the critically praised yet under-viewed Sledge Hammer! and Brooklyn Bridge. Sledge aired on MeTV last year(-ish) in the waning days of the Sunday night comedy block. The last time I remember seeing Brooklyn Bridge, a Gary David Goldberg 1950s-set dramedy, was on TV Land way back in its early-ish days. Both those shows have cycled out for some… not so great television with the Robin Hood sitcom When Things Were Rotten and the Ferris Bueller TV series.

Elsewhere on the weekday schedule, The Joan Rivers Show was dropped for an additional Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. The late-night Lost TV block is now The Millionaire, Honey West, and The Many Dobie Gillis, all of which have aired on Decades at various times.

When Things Were Rotten title sequence


Goodbye: Law & Order

Law & Order is no longer on the schedule, but Unsolved Mysteries got promoted to afternoon timeslots.


Hello: The Saint, The Wild Wild West
Goodbye: The Bob Newhart Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show

In July, Peter Gunn moved to the late night Friday and Saturday lineups. On weekends, Peter Gunn was replaced by newcomer Route 66 at night and Matlock was replaced by Barney Miller. However, Route 66 was short-lived.

Last week, The Mary Tyler More Show was replaced with The Wild Wild West in the weekday afternoons.

On weekends, Route 66 was replaced by Matlock (streamlining it across the week), and the evening sitcoms Barney Miller and The Bob Newhart Show were replaced by The Saint and Peter Gunn, the latter migrating from its overnight block where it was replaced by Maude and Barney Miller. The Sunday afternoon block of The Roy Rogers Show was cut in half to make room for additional episodes of The Wild Wild West.

The Saint title sequence


Hello: Blue Thunder, Hot in Cleveland, The Johnny Cash Show, Rescue 911

In August, the sitcoms on weekday mornings were shuffled to add Sanford and Son and Good Times, and bumping The Unit to weekends-only. Walker, Texas Ranger was reduced to make room for Rescue 911 (30-minute syndication-cut episodes) and Hot in Cleveland.

Blue Thunder joined the late night Saturday lineup. On Sundays, the two-hour Sunday night block of variety programs remains intact, but the first hour will be The Johnny Cash Show for the time being. Recently, Sonny and Cher have been consistently the latter hour.

Blue Thunder title sequence


The late night/early morning episodes of Zane Grey Theatre seem to be no more (or it could just be a temporary thing, too) with programming now starting at 6 a.m. The Saturday morning movies have been replaced with four episodes of Laramie.


Goodbye: A Different World

Back in July-ish, on weekends, A Different World is gone… again, and there has been some shuffling, especially on weekends, with more Grace Under Fire and 3rd Rock from the Sun on the overall schedule.

Light TV

Hello: Mister Ed
Goodbye: Flipper, Highway to Heaven, Sea Hunt

At some point… This still rather new network dropped a substantial amount of its throwback programming. Mister Ed replaced Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? while Highway to Heaven was dropped for more recent programming. The late night slate was dropped, except for an episode of Flipper: The New Adventures, for paid programming. However, I have seen Flipper on the schedule from time to time to fill time.

Mister Ed title and closing sequence


Hello: Barnaby Jones, Bat Masterson, Highway Patrol, The Twilight Zone
Goodbye: 77 Sunset Strip, Night Gallery, The New Twilight Zone

Beginning Labor Day!… on weekdays, The New Twilight Zone survived the summer, but now it’s back to the original series. After a few cycles, 77 Sunset Strip is replaced by Barnaby Jones (both Buddy Ebsen shows are on the net), and in the early hours, Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford replaces Night Gallery.

On Saturdays, the Hillbilly trio gets reduced to just a duo with Green Acres being bumped from the lineup (but still on every weeknight). Replacing it is the Western Bat Masterson starring Gene Barry.

Minor note: On Sundays, The Jeffersons replaces the original series Collector’s Call.

Barnaby Jones title and closing sequences

Retro TV

Goodbye: Life with Father

In July, the Saturday morning lineup was juggled and includes some more recent Australian imports. Gone is Life with Father. The weekday lineup remains largely intact except for the 6 PM slot, which is largely a rotation of those Australian imports.

This TV

The Saturday evening marathon of The Saint is now In the Heat of the Night, like it is on Sunday.