There are a couple things to note, but nothing too shattering this week.

Dennis Weaver as Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud in McCloud


Comet abandons its weekday evening marathons for a consistent schedule every Monday through Thursday. The four programs all make their way to the new schedule with two Stargate SG-1s in the early evening followed by two Babylon 5s. Four episodes The Outer Limits follows and includes both the original and revival series. In the late night there are two Stargate Atlantis. Movies will still air all day Friday.

Title sequence to the first season of Babylon 5

Cozi TV

Cozi shakes up its weekend schedule, sort of flipping Saturdays and Sundays.

On Saturday morning, Hart to Hart is back on the schedule with two episodes, and the morning duo of McCloud and McMillan & Wife move from their 90-minute episodes to their two-hour episodes. (M&W‘s previously aired Saturday nights, but are now its morning airing.) This and adding Murder, She Wrote afterward bumps Adam 12 from weekends and The Bionic Woman entirely from the schedule.

The rest of the changes are mostly Saturday and Sundays flipping. Emergency! moves from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night, and The Six Million Dollar Man is upgraded to both days. The Sunday comedy block of Frasier, Will & Grace, and The Office migrates to Saturday nights after Columbo — and without The Nanny, now weekdays only. Sunday night imports Ironside and adds Kojak. The Alfred Hitchcock Hour doesn’t make the cut.

Title sequence to Hart to Hart