Here is what is in store for those long weekend binges during the month of June.

June 1-2: Charlie’s Angels

Jiggle TV comes to Decades with the ’70s drama Charlie’s Angels. And it starts at the beginning.

Title sequence to the first season of Charlie’s Angels

June 8-9: Barnaby Jones

This binge picks up where the last one left off, season five. It has been some months since that one, but certainly welcoming for a detective drama that doesn’t get too much play on retro stations.

Title sequence to Barnaby Jones

June 15-16: Vega$

The detective drama binges continue. Like the Angels binge, this one starts at the beginning and will run through the second season, but some episodes are missed, including the season two finale. (I believe this one and Barnaby were originally scheduled for last month.)

Title sequence to Vega$

June 22-23: T.J. Hooker

The Shatner gets binge treatment this weekend with the ’80s cop show T.J. Hooker. However, it does not start at the beginning. The binge kicks off with S2E7 and finish in the early part of season four (S4E6)

Title sequence to T.J. Hooker

June 29-30: Unforgettable

Closing out June is the much more recent crime drama Unforgettable, which ran for three seasons of CBS before doing a final season on A&E. The binge will almost finish the CBS run, ending in the middle of the third season (S3E7) — seasons two and three were short.

Title sequence to Unforgettable