Title sequence to the 1985 version of The Twilight Zone

MeTV’s annual Summer of Me begins, bringing about a couple changes. Plus, a quick update about Decades’ ever changing late late night TV offerings.


Hello: Decoy; Love That Bob; Mr. & Mrs. North; The Powers of Matthew Star
Goodbye: Colonel March of Scotland Yard; The Invisible Man; My Little Margie; Twin Peaks

After several weeks, Decades moves on from the short-lived Twin Peaks for the early ’80s sci-fi series The Powers of Matthew Star, which survived one season on NBC.

At some point in the last couple weeks, most of Decades’ late-night Lost TV block went through a near complete turnover. However, none of these shows are new. They’ve all aired on the network prior, though I don’t know if Love That Bob has ever aired in this block.

Title sequence to The Powers of Matthew Star


Hello: Green Acres, The Twilight Zone
Goodbye: The Twilight Zone

The classic Rod Serling series The Twilight Zone departs (surely its just a hiatus) for the 1980s version of the series, titled The New Twilight Zone. It takes the same timeslots as its predecessor.

There’s also a change to the primetime lineup, which doesn’t happen often at MeTV. WKRP in Cincinnati is out and replaced with Green Acres… which might have last played on Antenna TV? Don’t quote me on that. WKRP has a history of not playing well in reruns, and given its generally short life in MeTV’s primetime, that appears to remain true. (True, it aired in the lineup for just over a year, but the rest of the lineup has been around far, far longer.)

In the daytime, The Rifleman gets trimmed to one episode for the 90-minute episodes of Wagon Train.

Title sequence for Green Acres