May is another month of full of detective drama binges on Decades.

May 4-5: The Streets of San Francisco

This binge starts at the beginning and runs through S2E16, so I expect this one return for another binge this summer.

Title sequence to season one of The Streets of San Francisco

May 11-12: The Untouchables

Like The Streets of San Francisco, this binge of The Untouchables starts at the beginning and will run through S2E18. However, it does skip two two-part episodes — “The Unhired Assassin” from season one and “The Big Train” from season two.

Title sequence and clips from The Untouchables

May 18-19: Vega$

Though a from beginning binge, this one doesn’t include the original pilot movie. The entire first season will air but at the end of season two, the two-parter “The Golden Gate Cop Killer” and the finale “Vendetta” will not.

The opening and title sequence to the first season Vega$ episode “Milliken’s Stash”

May 25-26: Barnaby Jones

The binge of this 1970s detective drama starts with season five.