This update comes late enough that I’m going to go ahead and include any changes also coming next week, the first full week of May.

Boris Karloff as the host of Thriller.


Hello: Law & Order

The long-running drama Law & Order joins the Bounce daytime lineup with back-to-back episode. Sitcoms Half & Half and One on One are now weekends-only.

Title sequence to season one of Law & Order.

Heroes & Icons

Hello: The Dead Zone; The District; The Green Hornet; Mutant X; Police Story
Goodbye: The Commish; Hunter

H&I brings back a couple series and adds some from recent years, too. NYPD Blue is doubled to four episodes every late night during the week — perhaps prepping in case the reboot is greenlit.

On Saturday, The District replaces the Hunter block and the LAPD anthology Police Story replaces The Commish block.

On Sunday morning, The Green Hornet is back, and Sunday late nights is now comprised of cable series The Dead Zone and X-Men-esque syndicated drama Mutant X.

Title sequence to The Green Hornet
Title sequence to season one of Mutant X


Nothing new is in and nothing old is out, but the schedule continue to be revised. Night Court is upped again, now eight episodes every weekday plus additional blocks during the weekend. Meanwhile, reliance on The Drew Carey Show drops and 3rd Rock from the Sun is now weekends-only.


Hello: The Dick Van Dyke Show; The Invaders; Planet of the Apes; Thriller
Goodbye: The Fugitive; Kolchak: The Night Stalker; The Untouchables

The weekend schedule gets some tweaks. Kolchak is gone from Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night and replaced with a QM show instead of an Irwin Allen one, The Invaders, and some other shows get shuffled. In the early morning hours, the short-lived Planet of the Apes series returns to the schedule.

On Sundays, Night Gallery is replaced with The Dick Van Dyke Show, which recently departed Cozi TV. Longtime overnight shows The Fugitive and The Untouchables are replaced with Boris Karloff-hosted mystery-turned-horror anthology Thriller. The earlier was about ready to begin its final season.

Title sequence to The Invaders
The often ignored title sequence to season one of The Dick Van Dyke Show

Start TV

Hello: Ghost Whisperer
Goodbye: Strong Medicine; Family Law

The evening lineup gets a small shakeup with the addition of Ghost Whisperer to kick off the night. As some other shows get shuffled about, Strong Medicine and Family Law are booted.