I didn’t spend much week composing last week’s update, so a couple of these changes listed here could have happened earlier.

Peter Falk as Lt. Columbo

Cozi TV

After nearly four months of airing the Columbo two-hour episodes (and about ten cycles), Cozi is back to airing the 90-minute episodes in the morning. Filling the abandoned 30-minute slot is Adam-12. The Saturday airing is still a two-hour episode.


Hello: Bret Maverick; The Quest

The gap that connects overnight Friday and early Saturday is a couple hours of the follow-up Western Bret Maverick. The Saturday airing of The Outcasts is replaced with The Quest, which has been a part of the weekend in the past.


Nothing is added or subtracted from the schedule, but there has been some more reshuffling since According to Jim. It has a bigger evening presence and has sprinkled into the weekend schedule, too. Night Court was expanded up to two hours every weekday.