Here are programs that will air as part of Decades’ weekend binge block in April.

April 6-7: Mannix

Mannix returns for yet another binge. This one starts with S4E6, “The Lost Art of Dying,” and runs through the rest of season four and then five, though it skips one episode season four episode (“Sunburst”).

Title sequence for season three of Mannix (because I couldn’t find a good versions of seasons four or five)

April 13-14: The Greatest American Hero

’80s superhero show The Greatest American Hero (with its classic theme song) get a near-complete airing. Only a couple episodes from both seasons two and three are excluded, including the last episode.

Title sequence for The Greatest American Hero

April 20-21: 21 Jump Street

This binge of the pre-fame Johnny Depp teen-targeting 21 Jump Street starts with S3E9, “Blu Flu,” and will air the rest of season three, all of four, and end with the first two episodes of season five, which are billed with Depp as a star though he had already left the show. They feature new performers David Barry Gray and Alexandra Powers in their only episodes — the episodes were filmed during season four’s production. The binge also includes both episodes of the two-part “Wheels and Deals” crossover with Booker.

Title sequence for season four of 21 Jump Street

April 27-28: The Commish

This binge mostly picks up with season three, which is where the February binge of The Commish left off. There are skipped episodes, including the season three premiere and finale and the first five episodes of season four, but the binge is designed to get us to the end of the series, including all six episodes of season five.