We are now in the second quarter of 2019 and several schedule changes big and small, so let’s get right to it.

Fess Parker as Daniel Boone

Antenna TV

Goodbye: Small Wonder

The largely loathed ’80s syndicated sitcom Small Wonder is out of Antenna TV’s schedule, though it only aired on Sundays. It is replaced by Gimme a Break!.


The network shuffles its daytime sitcom lineup, shifting its late afternoon sitcoms to earlier in the day, sans Moesha, and including Half & Half.


Goodbye: The Avengers; Danger Man

The Sunday schedule is now various E/I-ish programs and movies. The Avengers and Danger Man are gone.


Title sequence for season one of Stargate Atlantis

Hello: Stargate Atlantis
Goodbye: Andromeda; Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot; Men Into Space

The Monday night marathon show is now Stargate Atlantis, returning after a long hiatus from the network. Also gone (I think) are the obscure Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot and Men Into Space from weekends.

Cozi TV

Title sequence to season two of Quincy, M.E.

Hello: Quincy, M.E.
Goodbye: Quantum Leap

Quincy M.E. joins the daytime lineup of mystery shows. (The hour-long episodes, not the 90-minute season one episodes.)

On Saturday, the two-hour episode/movie of Murder, She Wrote is replaced by two-hour episodes of McMillan & Wife — and just as it approaches those episodes in its cycle, which airs in the morning. (If only the two-hour McCloud episodes could be included, too.)

On Sunday, Quantum Leap is replaced by The Nanny.


Perhaps in housekeeping (I’m not sure when it happened), Escape’s more recent additions of Boston Legal and Without a Trace play only in the daytime, like Law & Order. The evening is various crime documentary and docudrama series.


Title sequence to season one of The Unit

Hello: Dan August; Designing Women; The Unit
Goodbye: The Restless Gun; The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour

getTV revamps some of its weekday lineup. The only show out is the late late night airing of The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. Other sitcoms get expanded blocks as the overnight paid programs are dropped. In the middle of the night, Designing Women returns to the netlet. In the morning, The Unit joins the dayside slate, but it only replaces one episode of Walker, Texas Ranger, which will still air seven episodes a day.

Saturday mornings of The Restless Gun are replaced by the programs of the early part of the Sunday lineup (Yancy Derringer, Laredo, The Outcasts, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams). The evening block of True Justice gets expanded to include Walker, Texas Ranger, The Unit, and in the late night, Dan August.

Title sequence to Dan August

Heroes & Icons

Title sequence for Cimarron Strip

Hello: Branded; Cimarron Strip; Daniel Boone; Lancer

H&I reboots its Sunday afternoon slate, replacing its semi-modern detective dramas with Westerns. I believe all these series have aired on the network before, but they have been away for several months. Daniel Boone stars Fess Parker. Branded stars Chuck Connors post-The Rifleman. Cimarron Strip is a one-season, 90-minute Western. Family Western Lancer is a little like Bonanza. Joining the group is Cheyenne and The High Chaparral, both of which air in the weekday morning lineup.


Hello (sorta): Night Court
Goodbye: Grounded for Life; Spin City

After one month off of Laff’s schedule, Night Court is back — but only one hour every weekday. The ’80s sitcom replaces Grounded for Life and Spin City, both of which leave the network (for now?).

In housekeeping, I realized I never updated the schedule for the network’s weekend schedule with The Drew Carey Show and A Different World, among other small tweaks.

Title sequence to season one of Night Court