Here are programs that will air as part of Decades’ weekend binge block in March.

March 2-3: Police Woman

Select episodes from seasons two, three, and four of the Angie Dickinson police drama, concluding with the final episode.

Police Woman season two title sequence

March 9-10: Cannon

The binge begins in the latter part of season two and includes nearly all episodes through early season four before really skipping through the remaining episodes.

Cannon title sequence

March 16-17: The Commish

With the exception of a couple episodes, the binge will cover seasons one and two.

March 23-24: Hunter

The binge for the ’80s detective drama will begin with the third episode of season three and air the rest of the season and season four in their entirety.

Hunter season four title sequence

March 30-31: Hunter

Continuing from last weekend, this starts with season 5 and airs every episode until the antepenultimate episode of season 6.