The Monkees title sequence

A little late, so I’m keeping it brief.


Hello: The Monkees

After a great response for its tribute last Sunday to Peter Tork, MeTV is making The Monkees a permanent fixture to its Sunday schedule. The ’60s show, known for its quick cuts, occasional meta humor, and music videos, was seen on Antenna TV until early 2018 and remains a Saturday fixture for fetv. It has also aired on IFC — but I couldn’t tell you if it is still on its schedule. The Monkees replaces The Jeffersons, which can still be seen Monday through Friday.

The first half of “The Monkees and the Circus.” The television savvy get the meta joke about the theme song Micky sings.


Hello: Moesha; The Game

And a bit of old business I missed… Bounce added ’90s sitcom Moesha, one of the early breakouts for UPN, and the more recent sitcom The Game, a spinoff of Girlfriends and one of the few sitcoms The CW aired (it later moved to BET), to its weeknight schedule last week.


Hello: Movin’ On
Goodbye: The Adventures of Robin Hood; Annie Oakley

Like I’ve said before and will probably say many more times: I’m not good about keeping up with what Decades airs in the middle of the night. At some point in February, Movin’ On joined Mr. Lucky and I Married Joan in the network’s Lost TV block.