An update for a handful of networks…

Mr. Lucky


Hello: Mr. Lucky; I Married Joan
Goodbye: The Millionaire

Beginning this week, Decades changed its late-night Lost TV block. Joining are the one season casino-then-restaurant drama Mr. Lucky and ’50s sitcom I Married Joan. The earlier was last seen weekly (though its also available on Amazon and on DVD) in 2018 on Decades’ sister netlet MeTV until it vanished — and not having finished a full cycle. The duo replaces back-to-back episodes of The Millionaire.


Hello: Yancy Derringer
Goodbye: Dolly

On Sunday morning, short-lived Western Yancy Derringer returns to getTV, replacing Dolly, which didn’t fit in the lineup anyway.

Heroes & Icons

Hello: Adventures of Superman; Batman
Goodbye: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys; The Incredible Hulk; Xena: Warrior Princess

H&I bids farewell to its late night offering Hercules and Xena. The duo is replaced with Hunter and Renegade, including in the Sunday night/Monday morning block.

On weekends, The Incredible Hulk exits from the mornings for the return of Adventures of Superman and Batman.

A Different World


Hello: A Different World; Grounded for Life
Goodbye: Cybil

The weekday schedule doesn’t change until next week, but the weekend schedule gets a revamp thanks to the return of A Different World, which was quietly removed from the schedule last spring after Bill Cosby, the show’s creator and producer, was found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home near here 14 years. The show, which also airs on Bounce, will air in the morning and early-early morning hours. Grounded for Life will air in the early Sunday morning hours.

I listed Cybil because this is its final week.


Hello: Star Trek; The Time Tunnel
Goodbye: Battlestar Galactica; Swamp Thing

The early weekday showing of Peter Gunn is out for ALF, promoted from weekends-only.

Saturday night/early Sunday shows Battlestar Galactica (which included Galactica 1980) and Swamp Thing are outed for the return of MeTV veterans Star Trek and The Time Tunnel.

If you know of any other changes, let me know in the comments.