The Joan Rivers Show

Here is a quick rundown of what’s in, what’s out, and any notable changes that occurred at the start of the year.

(These are general overviews, and not something that will go over a schedule line by line. If you think I missed something important or if there’s an error, let me know in the comments.)

Antenna TV

Goodbye: Good Morning, World, Welcome Back, Kotter, What’s Happening!!, What’s Happening Now!!

WeekdaysWhat’s Happening!! and What’s Happening Now!! are wiped from the schedule while The Jack Benny Program is bumped to weekends. Meanwhile, Maude is promoted from weekends and Archie Bunker’s Place is upped back-to-back episodes. In the evening, Johnny Carson moves to 10 p.m. while the late night lineup gets a big shuffling. Semi-recent additions The Hogan FamilyHead of the Class, and Silver Spoons, are now weekends-only.

Weekends: The daytime and evening schedules return to back-to-back airings and many shows are shuffled around. Good Morning, World and Welcome Back, Kotter are gone. The late night repeat of Johnny Carson is dropped and many of the real retro shows move to late night Saturday.

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons


Hello: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Thunderbirds

Weekdays: The sci-fi netlet reboots the evening lineup with a 10-episode block of a show every Monday through Thursday. The shows (Andromeda, Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5, and The Outer Limits) are all Comet veterans.

Weekends: Digging into the British archives again, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons air in the late afternoon/early evening.

Cozi TV

Hello: The Office, The Lone Ranger, Dragnet (1967)
Goodbye: The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, The Real McCoys, The Virginian, Alias Smith and Jones, Miami Vice, The Munsters,

Weekdays: The Comcast-owned netlet does a hard reboot to most of its schedule. A Lone Ranger block occupies every morning while previous weekday shows Emergency!, Adam 12, Make Room for Daddy, and Quantum Leap are pushed to weekends. Hart to Hart and The Rockford Files migrate from weekends and two-hour Columbo episodes now air every morning. In the evening, The Office, joins the large sitcom block of Will & Grace, Frasier, and The Nanny.

Weekends: The Virginian and Wyatt Earp are replaced by The Lone Ranger, Lassie, and Kojak. Newcomer Dragnet (the 1967 version) joins Emergency!, Adam 12 while The Bionic Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man move from Sunday evening to Saturday evening. The evening hours includes a Murder, She Wrote movie. The Sunday evening lineup is now a sitcom block, similar to the weekday lineup, but hidden in the late night hours is Make Room for Daddy.


Hello: The Joan Rivers Show

Weekdays: In the early evening, the 1990s daytime syndicated talk show The Joan Rivers Show joins the lineup, replacing one of the episodes of Laugh-In.

(Note: I try to keep up on the programs airing in the late-night Lost TV block, but sometimes fall quite behind.)


Hello: Boston Legal, Law & Order

Weekdays: The netlet really steps up by dropping movies from most of its schedule and scaling back on reality crime program reruns. Unsolved Mysteries, Law & Order, and Boston Legal join its weekday lineup.


Weekends: Daytime shuffling does not subtract anything but does add a small Flying Nun block and a lot more Roy Rogers Show. In the evening, Perry Mason and Matlock are reduced to single episodes to make room for a Bob Newhart Show block. Later in the evening, Hart to Hart and T.J. Hooker are added to Saturdays.



Hello: Amen, Cher

Weekdays: Amen joins the network’s comedy slate in the early morning.
Cher is now the overnight variety show.

Weekends: A long Married… with Children airs late Sunday/early Monday.


Goodbye: Grounded for Life

Weekdays: The morning Grounded for Life block has been replaced with Night Court and 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Weekends: The Drew Carey Show is dropped from the late afternoon and moves to both the early morning with Cybill and the late night.

Start TV

Hello: Crossing Jordan, Promised Land, Strong Medicine, Unforgettable

Unforgettable, Crossing Jordan, Strong Medicine, The Good Wife, and Promised Land are added as the network reduces its schedule to, at most, back-to-back episodes.